Gameskraft Technology Private Limited Vs. DG of GST Intelligence

Case Number: Gameskraft v. DG of GST Intelligence, 2023 KARNATAKA 12

Date of Judgement: 12/05/2023

On May 12, 2023, the Karnataka High Court quashed a 21000 crore show cause notice issued to the online gaming platform Gameskraft by the Directorate General of GST Intelligence (DGGI).

The DGGI issued the notice on September 8, 2022, alleging that Gameskraft had evaded GST of 21000 crore rupees by not paying the tax on its online gaming services.

Gameskraft challenged the notice before the high court, which stayed it after noting that there were several contentious issues in the case.

In its order, the high court said that the DGGI had failed to provide any evidence to support its claim that Gameskraft had evaded GST.

The court also said that the DGGI had not followed the correct procedure in issuing the notice. As a result, the high court quashed the notice and dismissed the DGGI’s demand for GST.

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