We are Chartered Accountants and legal experts, leading the way in helping  businesses and individuals manage their finances better. “What’s the difference between a good CA and a great one?” you may ask? It’s our combination of advice, assistance, and trustworthy information about ever-changing legal formalities that makes you better off with JSNGA.


Founded in 2016, JSNGA & Co. provides a wide spectrum of services ranging  from Entry Level Support, Taxation, GST, Audit, Assurance, and Corporate  Financial Advisory to clients in India and abroad. As a team of finance and  legal professional, the firm focuses on transformational changes for clients  related to a hoard of industries. It helps organizations prepare for tomorrow  by realigning their businesses and offer invaluable  knowledge in these  sectors.

JSNGA & Co. has extensive corporate and government accounting  and  advisory experience. The firm provides accountancy, taxation,  business  advice, and consulting services to businesses, high net worth individuals,  investors, start-up owners, and property owners. It works with a  range of  industries, varying from Hospitality to Manufacturing, Real Estate. Retail,  Power, and Technology.

The partners, along with their  existing qualifications, are constantly  upgrading their knowledge and professional skills  by pursuing various  courses conducted by various national and international institutes, with the  sole aim of  providing quality services, keeping them abreast with all the  changes and developments in the fields of  finance, taxation, legal and  compliance.


As a distinguished  team of  finance and legal professionals, we deliver  high

quality and timely solutions for maintaining business and regulatory norms.

With  us,  you  get  the benefit of:

  • Working  with  an  honest  team  that strives for perfection in  all  dealings.

   We value  our  integrity  and use our  experience to  provide the best value

   to our clients

  • Assurance  that  your  firm’s  interests  are  taken  care  of  with  priority 
  • Maximizing  your  wealth  without  compromising  on  your  peace  of mind
  •  Access  to  the  best  policies  and practices while  maintaining  your 

   finance and legal compliance